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What type of warranty do we offer on our services?

We offer to correct any problems due to our labor that our customer encounters within 180 days from the time we complete our service


What is the standard warranty offered by the door manufactures on their equipment?

Most doors manufactures offer a limited warranty.


What types of facilities require ADA compliant doors?

Most building with public access need to meet ADA regulations, including a certain number of doors that access the building and toilet facilities where there is limited access space.

When do facilities need to meet ADA requirements?

Usually is at the time of new construction or major modification.


Are automatic doors aways required to meet ADA requirements?


Not necessarily, but they frequently the most cost effective answer, especially if there are space limitations. You should consult with your architect to determine the optimal door type.


What building types have used power assisted doors to accommodate their handicapped customers?

Power assisted doors have been used in mots types of building including:

  • Commercial and office buildings.

  • Retail store, such as restaurant, fast food, outlets, convenience stores, department stores and super markets.

  • Medical facilities, such as hospitals, doctors offices and assisted living facilities.

  • Educational facilities, including warehouse and manufacturing plants.

  • Transportation facilities, including airports, bus stations and train stations.

  • Government buildings and financial institutes, including banks, savings/ loan offices and credit unions.

What criteria should be used to determine the type of power assisted door to install?

The architects should determine the specific type of do. However, some conditions they consider are:

building space limitations, personnel traffic patterns, levels and wind conditions for outside doors.

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