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There are several kinds of automatic doors, which are often referred to as "access doors" to distinguish them from garage doors. 

Our company is specialized in automatic doors such as; fire doors, and handicap doors. In addition to that we are also specialized in emergency exit doors, panic devices and door closers. 


Fire Doors

Fire doors are fire-resistant and are used as part of a fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between rooms. They are also designed to help people to safely leave a building. The door, door frame smoke seals and the hardware must meet the testing guidelines. Fire doors have a fire-resistant numerical which quantifies the number of hours of resistance to test fire. 


Handicap Doors

Handicap doors are  the results  of the disability rights legislation,  which are designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. ADA approved handicap doors are designed to increase the independence, accessibility and safety for handicapped people. With the passage of Americans with Disability Act 1990, the term can be used to focus on doors speacicifically designed for people with special needs. Today, public and private buildings generally must offers access doors for people with disabilities. 


Emergency Exit Doors

Emergency exit doors are clearly marked with the word 'exit'. They will lead occupants to stairway or street level to exit outside of of a building in the event of a fire to other emergency. 


Door Closers 

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door after it has been opened by someone, or by an automatic opener. Various criteria  are involved in selecting a door  closer, including; weather, safety, durability, security and aesthetics. Two of the most important factors to consider are closer's performance in fire situations and the amount  of resistance to opening forces needed for a disable person.

Types of Door Closers:

  • Mounted on the surface 

  • Cconcealed in a frame 

  • Concealed in a door 


How Door Closers Operate

Manual closers store energy used to open the door in a spring and releases it to close the door. Most doors closers use oil filled dampers to limit the spend the door closer. The door travels slower as it starts to close and travels faster at it finishes assuring the door is latched.

An automatic door closer opens the door when triggered by push a button, motion detector, etc. The closer is normally powered by low electrical voltage system. When it closes, it can detect when it is safe to close the door.

Uses For Door Closers

Door closers are often installed on fire doors, to assure they close in order to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading. They are also used to help maintain a room temperature and to allow disable persons to operate them. 

Description of Panic Device 

A panic device (also known as a crash bar) operates by pushing on it to  unlatch and open a door. Most public building have a panic device as part of their fire exit plan. They are usually designed with a horizontal metal bar on the side of a door that opens toward.

Most doors with a panic device can only be opened from inside.

Most building codes don't allow owners to alter and emergency exit door; however, some buildings owners hire unqualified security

companies or locksmiths to make changes to increase security or decrease pilferage. At best, this can result in a violation of life-saving building code and in the worse case, it can result in deaths and/or lawsuits. Building codes have very specific requirements to assure life safety is met so everyone, including a child, can safely exit a building even with no light.

Description of Fire Device 

Fire devices are labeled as such the locks must be self closing and self latching, so the door must have a door closer and  a latch whenever is closed. Normally, fire doors aren't used on outside doors because they are designed to contain a fire within one part of the building. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer one year warranty on labor and material warranty as provided by the manufacturer.  

We carry up to $1,000,000 liability insurance. 

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